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Over 40? Switch Up Your Spotify: Chris Lie Musikk Review

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This 34 year old Norwegian blonde will change your tune and your phone's tired music list. His current album Epilogues is a 'super fantastisk' work ... these serious earworms should include a discount voucher for new dancing shoes and offer perfect tunes for a romantic night in.  Why is this guy not world famous yet?

We discovered Chris Lie last week while watching "Unge Lovende" ("Young and Promising"), a Norwegian TV young adult drama about life, love, sex and summer.  Read our TV review here. 

Lie's mix of electronica, rhythm and pop, combined with perfect production instantly lends him cross genre and radio friendly appeal. Lie is well known in Norway and could easily be huge elsewhere. An RnB/ hip hop rapper from Sandvika, Norway, our investigations reveal he has generated some incredibly sexy tunes over the last decade, with lyrics that gently whisper amazing yearning and intensity. (It might be a Viking thing, a green eyed blonde thing. We'll never know).

All of his work is fantastic. So now we are wondering - why has the world not discovered this chap yet? 

This article originally appeared at scandinordic.com. It is fully copyrighted © Julie Jansen 2017.  May be shared but not altered or reproduced without consent. Yes, I am a trained lawyer!© Julie Jansen 2017.  
May be shared but not altered or reproduced without consent. Yes, I am a trained lawyer!
He's spent a lot of time in California and the American influence is evident on the most recent Epilogues album, an absolutely fine work. "Love Can't Save Us" might be one of the finest songs we've heard in many years with its multi faceted layering, there's a hint of Eighties but with far greater sophistication. (the video is rather Nordic Noir and Lie gives good psycho); "HeartStarter" and "Shadows" are serious earworms that should come with a discount voucher for new dancing shoes. "Armour" and "If You Hear This Song" are perfect for a romantic night in. Dust off the candles, wine and trot out the smooooove flirting lines ... "Uff da", oh dear where were we? "Beklager!", sorry, got a bit carried away there.  

 Lie knows how to mix up pure rap, romantic RnB and creative lyrics in perfect American English.  The production values are stellar (Scandinavian musicians pride themselves on doing things properly) and it shows.  As it turns out, other journalists agree. Newspaper Natt & Dag said "Drunk Dialer" was one of the best songs in the history of Norwegian music.  

If you're thinking "I'm a grown up now, got mortgage and kids, hip hop and dance was never my thing" - this 34 year old Norwegian blonde may change your tune and become the refreshing new addition needed for your phone's tired music list. We think "Epilogues" is one of the finest albums we've heard in 20 years.

We think he'll end posing in some covetworthy Norwegian Rain gear. You read it here first, homies. (Better get some of that swag too, before it becomes even more super expensive). 

If you want to tap your feet while doing responsible grown up things, you're going to love listening to Mister Lie a zillion times — we promise you. Someone on the train will probably do the "turn the volume down" motion. Or you'll miss your stop and have to listen to Lie all over again.

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29 August 2017



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This article originally appeared at https://scandinordic.com. It is fully copyrighted © Julie Jansen 2017.  May be shared but not reproduced without consent. 

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