CUSTOM Boho Bird Enamel Mug

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Bright and Happy, Just Like You

Our popular Boho Bird and YOUR NAME in retro font, on a durable cup that you can take anywhere! (You can choose another font if you prefer). Classic lightweight, amazing quality ... Our beautiful mug will delight you, or someone you love, every single day! Use the dropdown menu on this page or checkout/ cart page to customize your order.

  • Measures 3.14″ /8 cm x 3.54″ /9 cm.
  • White with silver rim
  • Steel based enamel, chip resistant
  • Not microwave safe (it's metal)
  • Hand wash only to reduce enamel damage
  • Highest quality professional print
  • Carefully packaged for its voyage to you

eco conscious shopping SCANDINORDIC.COM

DID YOU KNOW ... ?  It only takes 30 seconds to remove old tea/coffee stains from a cup! Wet the cup, sprinkle baking/ bicarb soda (and squeezed lemon if it's really stubborn) and scrub for a short time. Magic! No chemicals, just good old fashioned natural salt. Super kind to the environment! 





CUSTOMIZE IT! Add your own text or name. Use the custom menu or add at cart/checkout page. 

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Safe Shopping, Easy Returns, Quality Guaranteed. Not Available Elsewhere. SCANDINORDIC products are designed in house and are created and shipped from premium quality, fairtrade facilities in your region. Your purchase creates real jobs. Thank you.

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