SCANDINORDIC prints and embroiders our unique designs on premium homewares, gifts and apparel. We offer 90 day returns for defects. Please advise immediately if that is not the case. We are completely confident you will be delighted with your special purchases!

These care suggestions are a guide only. Every household appliance is different. If you are not sure, just contact us. 

We always recommend gentle care for ALL of your SCANDINORDIC purchases.

GARMENTS We recommend gentle cold or warm wash, always inside out, and cool dryer or lay flat on a rack. Washing and drying inside out helps to preserve the design, reduce fade, dry seams quicker and ensures many years of enjoyment. If your item has a packing/ factory scent upon arrival, please do not worry, it will wash out. 

SWIMWEAR Not recommended for sitting on rough surfaces. Wash in cold water on gentle cycle and dry flat or on rack. Always rinse immediately after wearing, to reduce chlorine or salt damage to fabric and print.

MUGS Our ceramic mugs are DW/MW dishwasher/ microwave safe. 
Enamel / metal mugs can generally be placed on a gentle DW cycle but never in microwave. 

JEWELLERY  We recommend you wear for short periods of time and store in its box.  To protect the metallic coating between use and before storage, wipe clean and dry well. Remove before bedtime.  Avoid extended contact with other jewellery, moisturizers or bed linen as this may cause the coating to erode. 

QUESTIONS? Use the form below, we will respond within 24 hours. Please add your phone number with country code, and we can Whatsapp / Signal you promptly.  Thanks!