Sami Heart Phone Case Red ~ CUSTOMIZE FREE

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Our heart design on the toughest snap case.  Own or gift a unique modern Sámi designer accessory.

** We will donate 50kr from every SCANDINORDIC Sámi product sold to the John Savio Museum in Kirkenes, Norway, or your choice. (100kr for orders over 900kr / $100 US)

  • Latest iPhone and Samsung
  • Sustainable,  compostible tough case, best quality on the market
  • CUSTOMIZE FREE! Add name / tribe  in menu above or add “Order Comment” on cart or checkout page
  • Prefer our unique grunge flag? Easy!

Quality Guaranteed. "Get Your Sámi On!"

Absolutely Not Available Elsewhere. GET YOURS NOW



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Safe Shopping, Easy Returns, Quality Guaranteed. Not Available Elsewhere. CUSTOMIZE IT! Add your own text or name to any product. SCANDINORDIC products are designed in house and are created and shipped from premium fairtrade facilities in your region. Your purchase creates real jobs. Thank you.

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