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SHIPPING UPDATE Most items are now 14-20 day shipping in EU and USA, 7-10 days for certain items in AU or JP. For full details go to Shipping or FAQ page 



CUSTOMIZE IT. FREE. We design everything you see here!  On many pages  you'll see a customization menu. Or use the Order Notes section after adding to cart.  You can add name, select color and more. We love creating custom gifts and apparel. Please feel free to contact us and we can help make your dream come true! 


SCANDINORDIC.COM ethical eco fair trade wherever possible

SCANDINORDIC stands for fair trade. We create and ship direct from EU + USA and in AU and Japan, core items. We are gradually shipping directly from other regions. We use production facilities with fair and safe work conditions and review our range often, with the aim of gradually offering 100% sustainable,   organic or eco friendly products. 


THANK YOU from SCANDINORDIC.COMWe are so very thankful to our 2020 customers who kept our store open. Your patience and loyalty has really touched us. Every customer receives a few gift during our annual Feb/Mar mailout. 

 DESIGN PIRACY - If you see something, say something!  If you see our designs elsewhere, please let us know via the form below.  You can remain anonymous if you wish, but we'd probably prefer to thank you and send a gift. Thank You!  



  If you are an artisan looking to collaborate, drop us a line!

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