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Send A Custom Christmas Card

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We will be adding several cards here over the next week!

Missing your friends and family this year? Send them a beautiful postcard right now! These sturdy retro style postcards will be loved for many years to come. Your friends will be so delighted!  We will add several different cards to this collection, check back for updates.

Customize the Jul greeting and add a personal message! It's a small extravagance that shows them how much you care.   You Choose, We Send. Card ships from EU/USA in 4-12 hours.

  1. Please order postcards separately to avoid shipping confusion.
    You may add more than one to cart for the same address.
  2. Choose your card
  3. Add your personal greeting 6 lines or less (see example images). Some cards have limited space.
  4. Add a personal Jul/ Christmas greeting above or on the illustration from the language list
  • Sturdy thick matte paper 0.13″ (0.34 mm)
  • Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland has $10 shipping tax;
    send our JulNisse mug to these countries instead.
  • Prefer to send them yourself? Need a pack? Contact Us

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