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SCANDINORDIC Blue Retro Recycled Scrunchie

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Bow, Ribbon ... Scrunchie! Our unique retro floral pattern with several summery shades on a turquoise blue background, will complement any outfit! Features a detachable bow. Wear the pieces separately or as a set. A fantastic small gift for friends and family! 

Ja, you can add your own name if you wish! Just note at checkout.  DESIGNED HERE AT SCANDINORDIC.

Ja, we CAN add your name or text if you wish! Just note at checkout.

 Best of all, our Norway Swirl Scrunchie is made from RECYCLED and repurposed stretch polyester to avoid landfill and ocean.  Return it to us later for discount on a new one! Thank you for shopping eco at SCANDINORDIC.

• Breathable, fast-drying smooth and stretchy fabric outside, elastic inside.

• Gentle wash recommended.

• Measures 2" inches / 5cm wide from centre to outside.

Designed here at SCANDINORDIC. Not available elsewhere. 



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